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5 steps to installing an additional conductor

Lifecycle stage


After drilling was completed and the new conductor installed, attention turned to securing the conductor with Claxton’s centralizers.

A diversion from the plan was made when concerns were raised about engaging the conductor centralizer in the guide and the effect it would have on the drilling schedule.

To combat this, Claxton recommended a different type of centralizer that could be handled and installed by rope access. The design split into three sections to allow easy installation.


The 3 sections of the centralizer were retrofitted into the guide on completion of all the drilling activities. This was again a joint effort with PSN.

Ultimately the operator was able to add a new well to their existing platform, thanks to the conductor guide and drilling bush engineered by Claxton.

PSN’s Project Engineer David Pugh said, “Projects involving a number of responsibility interfaces are prone to unforeseen change. The project team has to be flexible and able to respond quickly when deviations to plan occur. Claxton has a lot of experience of drilling-associated work and was able to provide that quick response with an efficient design, build and install service.”


Adding or recovering slots to extend the production capacity or life of a platform can be extremely commercially attractive for operators.

In this Irish Sea case study, despite working with the client from the start, Claxton had to be flexible to the demands of the assets to ultimately ensure integrity – evidence that every project is unique and contractors must meet this head on.

For those operators that are considering asset life extension as part of their future plans, see how Claxton Engineering can help you to maximise the life of your platform and well conductor assets.

Asset life extension case study pack
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Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.