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10 must-see speakers at offshore decommissioning conference 2014

Lifecycle stage
Wednesday 8th October


  • Time: 09:30
  • Description:  EY will take to the stage in one of the first speeches of Wednesday to talk about their supply chain mapping project. Supply chain issues are seen as critical to ensuring operators can effectively cover their needs in the coming years.

Alix Thom

  • Time: 10:00
  • Description: Oil & Gas UK’s Alix Thom will deliver his speech on a new approach to meeting the industry’s ongoing skills challenge as part of the ‘Delivering the future together’ session.


  • Time 11:15
  • Description: A representative from CNRI will begin ‘The Wells Challenge’ session of the conference with a review of the past year, including talking about the recent P&A of Murchison’s Wells

Vidar Eiken

  • Time: 14:20
  • Description: Statoil’s Vidar Eiken will take to the stage in a 30-minute presentation to talk about the Statoil H7 case study as part of the ‘Lifting and Moving Challenge’ section of the conference.


  • Time: 16:00
  • Description: Kick-starting the ‘Innovation & Technology: Meeting the decommissioning challenge’ section will be a mix of four presentations highlighting the important role of innovation to reduce costs.

Claxton has significant experience in platform well abandonment and conductor recovery. Over 280 conductor cutting and recovery projects have been carried out using Claxton’s equipment an offshore crews.

Thursday 9th October

Kathryn Logan

  • Time: 09:10
  • Description: Beginning the ‘Sharing the Space’ conference discussion will be Moray Firth Partnership & Tavis Potts, SAMS representative Kathryn Logan talking about shared space pressures.

Jonathan Turner

  • Time: 11:40
  • Description: Demolition and Remediation Manager at ABB Consulting Jonathan Turner, will discuss starting the process of offshore, from a demolition man’s point of view.

Karis Vieira

  • Time: 13:40
  • Description: Oil & Gas UK’s Business Analyst will start ‘Focussing on the Future’ when she delivers the Insight results for 2014. A definite must-see speech.

Clare Lavelle

  • Time: 14:00
  • Description: Arup’s Clare Lavelle will deliver their presentation on the ‘Capability and Capacity of the Decommissioning Industry’ to meet demand over the next 20 years. Another must-watch speech.

Despite the stunning views from St Andrews, all eyes will be on the future of the North Sea at the Fairmont Hotel with keynote speakers shedding light on the next 12 months and beyond.

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