48 hour equipment mobilisation from Claxton prevents rig down time

Claxton successfully responded to an urgent call to mend a rig diverter’s connection by providing a 30” dual seal overshot, a 30” casing cutter and personnel to oversee operations and requirements within 48 hours. During this time period, Claxton modified and dispatched the necessary equipment for its client. Under normal circumstances, this equipment is ordered a month in advance by the drilling contractor during well planning.

Claxton has extensive experience supporting jack ups.
Claxton has extensive experience assisting jack ups with fast track support to overcome operating challenges – as well as supplying complete marine and surface riser systems with an unrivalled array of pressure, connection and tensioning options.

The connection to the rig diverter prohibited the rig from operating. Claxton modified the overshot by cutting it to the precise size required and then welded the connection on top, creating a pressure seal.

Additionally, Claxton supplied cold-cutting equipment to ensure the space-out was correct for the overshot. The wellhead fit seamlessly after the drilling and casing operations had been completed which will provide continuous flow.

“As a core value, Claxton strives to be a responsive company within the oil and gas industry,” said Owen Lewis, Claxton project engineer. “We are prepared and willing to assist our clients with any problems that arise, and we are quick and efficient in completing the job.”

Find out more about our fast-track support for solving operating issues on our innovations page.

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