Advanced Norwegian riser technology – delivered by Claxton and the Acteon Group

Claxton Engineering Services is supplying a Norwegian client with a complete subsea drilling riser package enhanced by services and equipment drawn from within the Acteon group.

The 7000-psi, 24-in. riser is for drilling one well and two completion wells in 135 m of water: the deepest water in the Norwegian North Sea tackled to date. It will be in use for 240 days and is due to be run for the first time in early 2012.

The riser system comprises riser joints, custom flange connectors, vortex-induced-vibration suppression fairings, a bespoke tension system and a proprietary Claxton NT2 handling tool. It is the result of close collaboration between Claxton and 2H Offshore, Subsea Riser Products and Pulse Structural Monitoring.

Subsea Riser Products’ custom flanges are smaller in diameter than standard API flanges and offer improved make-up times and fatigue characteristics.

A complete riser monitoring system from Pulse Structural Monitoring will provide real-time fatigue, bending and stress data to help the client determine how the riser is performing. This has obvious safety and operational benefits.

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