Riser Handling Tool saves client £1.8m

Claxton has developed a new hydraulic riser handling tool that provided a solution for running, handling and remote pressure testing of a 18¾-in. 15-m NT-2 tension joint – saving £1.8m for our client.

The tool, developed for a Norwegian client, saved 4.5 hours of rig time with each run, which equates to an estimated project cost saving of £1.8m. In addition to cost savings, the tool provides a range of safety and operational benefits, as it eliminates scaffolding requirements and offers protection to the associated riser connector.

Further benefits can be realised from testing the joint with a previously installed Claxton slimline tension ring, which reduces Texas deck exposure. Claxton Technical Director Dannie Claxton says of new tool: “Claxton’s riser supply history extends over 20 years with mobilisations in hundreds of wells. Project enhancements based on our experience like this one are something we strive to achieve for all our clients.

“The new tool improves our already-strong riser inventory, which comprises over 1500 m of riser joints, a suite of tensioning equipment, subsea connectors and some 4000 ancillary tooling items. Along with this new tool, we supplied three 5000-psi full riser systems in 2010; no other vendor in our region can provide the breadth and depth of system options we offer.”

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