New riser brochure now available

Our latest riser brochure is available now. Download it today to learn more about our industry-leading riser system capability.

Claxton has been supplying riser systems since 1990 and since supplying our first system we’ve continually led the market for full-system riser supply. A few of our riser achievements in the last 21 years include:

  • Supplying the first-ever 12,200psi full bore riser
  • Over 100 riser projects completed since 2005 alone
  • Over 4,000 items of rapid call-off equipment amassed in our riser inventory
  • Full range of flanged and quick-connect systems in multiple pressure¬†/ bore configurations
  • Patented safety enhancing and time saving riser tensioning equipment and handing tools

Download the brochure now to learn more about how Claxton leads where other riser suppliers follow.

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