Claxton supports engineers of the future

Students from Thorpe St Andrew secondary school in Norwich literally felt the tension recently when they visited Claxton to learn more about our riser tensioning equipment.

Five students from the school visited on the 18th of November to receive a presentation from design team leader, Glenn Searle and project engineer, Kevin Attree. The 6th form students visited Claxton’s Great Yarmouth facility to get an understanding of the issues surrounding tensioning riser systems, before being set a problem by Glenn and Kevin which they will take away to solve.

Thorpe Students Approved
The students from Thorpe with project engineer Kevin Attree and design team manager Glenn Searle.

Kevin, one of Claxton’s riser system specialists, said, “The students showed a huge amount of enthusiasm for the task at hand and getting them to understand the scale of the challenges we overcome for clients was genuinely exciting for the team here. Claxton holds one of the largest stocks of risers, riser tensioning and ancillary equipment in Europe, so we were able to give them a real hands-on insight.

“Its no secret that this industry is resource constrained in many disciplines, so providing that spark which leads young people to choose to enter engineering can only help. We’re very proud to be working with the school and hope that we can extend the partnership in the future. We’re really looking forward to seeing the results of their work, too”

The students were asked to consider a variety of forces that act on drilling riser systems in the field – including the weight of the riser, how it is supported, the well control equipment and wave and current loadings – to come up with their own solution to tensioning the riser system.

Claxton is part of the Acteon Group’s Conductors, Risers and Flowlines division and has been a leading supplier of jack up drilling risers for over 20 years.

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