Claxton makes crane operation safer

Claxton is launching a new EEx-rated rig camera to help rig crane operators to safely monitor the area beneath the crane boom, where loads can often be moved into areas not visible from the crane’s cab.

The camera, which has best-in-class visual performance, will be launched at the 15th North Sea Cranes & Lifting Conference, 27–29 April, Aberdeen, UK.


The new EEx cameras, which are offered for drilling rig cranes and CCTV safety monitoring offshore, use the same rugged components as Claxton’s field-proven subsea cameras but in combination with high-quality, explosion-proof housings.

Our camera systems were developed to provide superior visual inspection for tieback operations. Providing high performance in such demanding conditions meant our cameras had to be world class right off the bat.

Since introducing those first camera systems for tiebacks, we have listened carefully to what operators want and supply improved visual performance, rugged equipment and ease of use. Today, we are excited to be introducing EEx-rated crane camera systems incorporating the same reliable and robust components.

Having offered subsea camera systems for over 12 years, Claxton pioneered features such as high-intensity LED lighting, high-quality housings and plug-and-play installation.

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