Next-generation tension rings launched

During the last 25 years Claxton has built an enviable reputation for responsive service and time-saving innovations. This is illustrated clearly in our growing range of services for riser systems; which incorporates rental riser packages, associated tooling, tension systems and tension rings.

This range has recently expanded via the introduction of a next-generation slimline tension ring which reduces the number of parts and overall weight of the ring – improvements which deliver easier handling and reduced installation times.

Claxton pioneered the positive grip tension ring

About Claxton Tension Rings
Claxton pioneered the design of the original positive-grip tension ring – a device that has since become an industry standard – and subsequently refined this design into a newer slimline model. The Claxton slimline tension ring saves significant amounts of rig time by giving clients the ability to run the ring directly through the rig’s rotary table.

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