Claxton completes first phase of Indefatigable abandonments

Claxton has used its proprietary abrasive cutting technology, SABRE, to complete the first phase of an extensive 16-well abandonment program.

The first four wells in the campaign have been decommissioned ahead of time and under budget.

Claxton has teamed SABRE with a novel torsion-based cut verification system to provide a cost effective solution for the 16 wells being abandoned. This method – developed in-house by Claxton – applies a torsion force to the conductor to verify the cut instead of the more commonly used hydraulic jack-type mechanism. Removing the need to apply vertical force means a load-bearing deck structure isn’t essential – giving the client increased flexibility and reducing costs.

The timely completion of the first phase underlines Claxton’s significant experience in abandonment and decommissioning and the team is looking forward to delivering similar results on the remaining phases.

indie first stage
An example of SABRE at work

About Abrasive Cutting: SABRE uses a high pressure abrasive jet of water and a mineral cutting medium to sever multiple casing strings internally below the mudline. Cutting is achieved regardless of cementing, casing eccentricity or configuration.

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