Claxton – the new home of UWG’s products and services

Earlier in the year Acteon announced the reorganisation of some of UWG Ltd’s business lines.

I’m pleased to inform you that this process has concluded and, as a result, UWG’s templates, tiebacks, cameras and centralization product lines will now form part of an already broad offer from Acteon group sister company, Claxton.

UWG’s riser and conductor analysis segment is merged with another Acteon company, 2H.

The union of complementary products and services from UWG with Claxton creates a company with unrivalled experience in engineering and services for well systems, stuctures and pipelines – across the industry timeline from pre-drilling to drilling, production and decommissioning.

As always, these services will be supported by the responsiveness and commitment that have made Claxton famous. Key UWG management, design and engineering staff are now based in the Claxton head office: Bureside House, Great Yarmouth.

Everyone at Claxton is delighted to welcome new colleagues and clients from UWG into the business – and we have exciting plans for how our company can assist clients in meeting their operating needs going forward.

Kind regards,
Laura Claxton

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